We want to make
a great internet experience
the product of curated advertising.

We believe that advertising is a great driver for a lot of good things on the internet

The wealth of free content for everyone to enjoy, exists mostly because of advertising.

However, the further we explore technical and novel possibilities of online advertising, the further we seem to wander from a balanced model, where consumers, advertisers and content creators all benefit.

We have made it our mission to try and help bring back some balance to the ecosystem. We believe that putting the human touch back into advertising will be a great step towards a better ad experience so that people can enjoy advertising again.

Company culture

Our culture can be distilled into: kaizen, pragmatism, self-reflection, autodidactism, ownership, friendship, direct feedback, and efficiency. These elements guide our actions, define who we are, allow for growth and foster openness through connection.

To us, kaizen is king. This Japanese word simply means “change for better� and is the heart of our company philosophy. This art of continuous improvement is the starting and ending point from which all our other core values grow.

As we grow, new issues are approached pragmatically as well as the iterative changes we make to our daily workflow. Self-reflection and growth are interdependent. Asking ‘how’, ‘what’, and ‘why’ we could have done something better, not only stops our ego from seeing our potential improvements, but also gives insights into outdated thinking that could cause inefficiency.

While we are quick to check our ego - no one has a monopoly on great ideas - we also recognize the importance of being confident in what we do know. We highly value being both intellectually curious as well as autodidactic. This innate skill to adjust and use our intuition to create value is a trait we look for when it comes to growing our team. Win or lose: we claim ownership. Ownership comes not only at the end of the journey, but rather, in every step along the way.

We benefit most when communicating openly and honestly about our successes and struggles. We believe in both friendship and direct feedback. Team bonding, creating a welcoming environment, allowing free discussions about our work - these things strengthen us as a company. “Friendship and feedback�, naturally create efficiency - we are all on the same page striving towards the same goal.

By using these elements to create shorter pathways towards our goals, we return to the start. With kaizen, we improve in each iteration until the task is complete.

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