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Moonclerk is one of the premier platforms for setting up recurring payments, making it very popular among businesses offering subscription-based products and services. If you want to start a Moonclerk affiliate program to increase your subscription sells, tagfiliate offers you an off-the-shelf solution that will let you integrate with Moonclerk and connect your Stripe account.

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Affiliate marketing software

Lifetime & Recurring

Recurring Commissions are ideal to tempt affiliates to market your subscription-based service or product. Our Lifetime Attribution Commission feature can be a magnet for top influencers, allowing them to benefit from all current and future conversions their referred user creates.

  • Award monthly commissions (Subscription/SaaS)

  • Create affiliate tiers

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You are in control

Make your marketing programs invite-only or open for everybody. You control which affiliates join your programs: No more unwanted websites devaluating your brand.

  • Individual affiliate management

Brand identity

Customize to match your brand and use your own domain in the tracking links. Create personalized emails with your tone and touch. Set up a custom domain for your affiliate portal.

  • Give affiliates a branded dashboard

  • Six supported affiliate languages