Start your Memberful affiliate program today with tagfiliate.

Got Memberful? Our Memberful integration makes starting an affiliate program for your subscription service or product easy & hassle-free. This is especially useful if you’d like to track your affilite-driven customers and issue commissions based on their recurring payments. Also, you can count on automatic refund & dispute handling, so you can focus on the growth of your program.

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Affiliate marketing software

Easily Track Conversions & Renewals

Count on tagfiliate to help track your affiliate-driven sign-ups and recurring payments in Memberful. Create and implement conversion types to fit your business needs.

  • Track immediate purchases

  • Use recurring commissions for subscription payments

  • Automated recurring commissions

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That lovely automation sensation

Take care of tedious tasks and free your time to focus on growth. With automated refund & dispute handling, any cancelled purchases will be reflected in your tagfiliate dashboard with the updated commission amounts.

  • Refunds & disputes automatically handled

  • Approve commissions manually or automate it

  • Set triggered email notifications

Lifetime & recurring commissions

Commissions fit for subscription-based businesses run on Memberful. SaaS & Subscription-based clients attract & motivate great affiliates with recurring commissions.

  • Automated recurring commissions

  • Fixed or percentage-based commissions

Memberful & tagfiliate work with Stripe

Stripe is one of the most popular & powerful payment gateways. Now, our affiliate tracking software integrates seamlessly with Stripe-run platforms like Memberful to track affiliate-driven sign-ups and conversions.